OwnersPeter Gamoff, Sujit Sheth (pictured)

Last Year's Stats:  rookie team, replacing last year's UnaBoners...who had a league worst 3-11 record.

NOTES:  Overall they appear to be a solid team and have the luck of playing in a weaker conference.  They could make a decent first-year showing.

Draft spot #1

QB Mitchell, Scott   BAL RB Means, Natrone   SD WR Thigpen, Yancy   TEN
QB Young, Steve   SF WR Boston, David   ARI K Hall, John   NYJ
RB Dunn, Warrick  TB WR Martin, Tony   MIA K Stover, Matt   BAL
RB Hearst, Garrison   SF WR Owens, Terrell   SF D Baltimore
RB Johnson, J.J.   MIA WR Rison, Andre   KC D Minnesota

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OwnersGene Dorsch, Bryan McGonigal (commissioner)

Last Year's StatsSuperbowl CHAMPS, led league in every major category:  13-3 overall record, 2705 total points, 51.5 Power Ranking and 89.4% Efficiency Rating.  Completely dominating. 

NOTES:  No team could every be as dominating as last year's Painful Rectal Itches, but after this draft they again appear to be very solid.  They've already won the SFFL league twice in the past three years and have an excellent chance at a back-to-back this time around.   

Draft spot #5

QB Bledsoe, Drew  NE RB Smith, Antowain   BUF TE Sharpe, Shannon   DEN
QB Marino, Dan   MIA WR Carruth, Rae   CAR K DelGreco, Al   TEN
RB Anderson, Jamal   ATL WR Carter, Cris   MIN K Stoyanovich, Pete   KC
RB Green, Ahman   SEA WR Dawkins, Sean   SEA D Pittsburgh
RB Irvin, Sedrick   DET WR Stokes, J.J.   SF D Seattle

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OwnersLarry Rebodos, Leon Rebodos

Last Year's Stats:  4-10 record, last place in the American Conf., -15.4 Power Ranking (#10 overall), 80.5% Efficiency Rating (#8 overall). Most points scored against for season!

NOTES:  A real stinker last year; they were only better than one team (who's no longer with us).  Ruffy doesn't appear to have improved much in 1999.  Striving for a third-place finish in the conference might be attainable, but getting any further will take a minor miracle.

Draft spot #10

QB Aikman, Troy   DAL RB Morris, Bam   KC TE Coates, Ben   NE
QB Testaverde, Vinny   NYJ WR Brown, Tim   OAK K Cunningham, Richie   DAL
RB Allen, James   CHI WR Dyson, Kevin   TEN K Pelfrey, Doug   CIN
RB James, Edgerrin   IND WR Irvin, Michael   DAL D Miami
RB Kaufman, Napoleon  OAK WR Lewis, Jermaine   BAL D New England

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    Venwaz Balls
OwnersChris Stevens, Kenji Kusumoto

Last Year's Stats:  **Formerly team ?***  6-8 record, 3rd place in Federal Conference, 2.3 Power Ranking (#5 overall), 85.4% Efficiency Rating (#4 overall), #2 in overall season points scored.

NOTES:  A team that was better than their record last year looks perhaps in vain to improve.  Already one bad break (losing Trent Green, their #5 pick) gets 'em off on the wrong foot.  This could be another frustrating season.

Draft spot #8

QB Green, Trent   STL RB Faulk, Marshall   STL WR Smith, Rod   DEN
QB Johnson, Brad   WAS WR Johnson, Kevin   CLE K Brien, Doug   NO
RB Biakabutuka, Tim   CAR WR Mayes, Derrick   SEA K Peterson, Todd   SEA
RB Davis, Stephen   WAS WR Moss, Randy   MIN D Cleveland
RB Dillon, Corey   CIN WR Sanders, Frank   ARI D San Francisco

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