The SFFL1999 Draft was held on Saturday, August 21st at
Palatine Hills Golf Club, Palatine IL.  We had eleven returning teams and
one rookie squad that replaced last year's doormats, the UnaBoners.  Follwing is the
draft by order of round and pick, with the usual impartial commissioner comments added. 

Round #1 Picks                                                         
# 1:High Tech Rednecks    RB Davis,Terrell       Denver Broncos        
# 2:VEGA                  QB Favre,Brett         Green Bay Packers     
# 3:Cyclones              QB Cunningham,Randall  Minnesota Vikings     
# 4:Assholes              RB Taylor,Fred         Jacksonville Jaguars  
# 5:Painful Rectal Itches RB Anderson,Jamal      Atlanta Falcons       
# 6:Cheesy-Poofs          RB Levens,Dorsey       Green Bay Packers     
# 7:G-Men                 QB Young,Steve         San Francisco 49ers   
# 8:Venwaz Balls          WR Moss,Randy          Minnesota Vikings     
# 9:Pull My Finger        WR Freeman,Antonio     Green Bay Packers     
#10:Ruffy                 QB Testaverde,Vinny    New York Jets         
#11:Dukes                 QB Manning,Peyton      Indianapolis Colts    
#12:Blind Squirrels       QB Brunell,Mark        Jacksonville Jaguars  
The Expected: Terrell Davis taken #1...even the Rednecks couldn't mess up this no-brainer.
The Delay:  Randy Moss falls to #8, when most leagues have been taking him in the top 5.  Good for the 'Balls.
The Gambles:  Peyton Manning (Dukes) goes as #11...will his numbers be that good on a crappy team?  Also, will
	Randall Cunningham (Cyclones) stay healthy or stay the starter long enough to make him a good pick?
Sure Things:  Brett Favre (VEGA), Fred Taylor (Assholes), Jamal Anderson (PRI), Dorsey Levens (Cheesy-Poofs) and
	Antonio Freeman (Pull My Finger) should provide many weeks of football joy for both real and fantasy teams.
Good start out of the gate:  The rookies, G-Men, get last years #1 point earner Steve Young.

Round #2 Picks                                                         
# 1:Blind Squirrels       RB George,Eddie        Tennessee Titans      
# 2:Dukes                 RB Martin,Curtis       New York Jets         
# 3:Ruffy                 RB James,Edgerrin      Indianapolis Colts    
# 4:Pull My Finger        RB Williams,Ricky      New Orleans Saints    
# 5:Venwaz Balls          RB Faulk,Marshall      St. Louis Rams        
# 6:G-Men                 WR Owens,Terrell       San Francisco 49ers   
# 7:Cheesy-Poofs          QB Plummer,Jake        Arizona Cardinals     
# 8:Painful Rectal Itches QB Bledsoe,Drew        New England Patriots  
# 9:Assholes              WR Johnson,Keyshawn    New York Jets         
#10:Cyclones              WR Harrison,Marvin     Indianapolis Colts    
#11:VEGA                  RB Smith,Robert        Minnesota Vikings     
#12:High Tech Rednecks    RB Watters,Ricky       Seattle Seahawks      
Youth over proven talent:  Rookies Edgerrin James (Ruffy) and Ricky Williams (Pull My Finger) get the nod over some
	big-name backs on better teams.  Will the unproven talents pay off?
OUCH, that could hurt:  VEGA takes often injured Robert Smith, Cheesy-Poofs take no-offensive-line-so-soon-to-be-
	injured Jake Plummer.  There are no guarantees but they're bound to go down sometime this season.
Halloween Horror:  The G-Men, with Terrell Owens, will now be missing their top two picks in SF's bye week #8, 10/31.
Overrated?:  Eddie George as the #13th pick overall to the Blind Squirrels...not bad if he doesn't tank it for half a season
	as usual.  Ricky Watters (HTR) is looking over his shoulder at younger talent on his own team.
SOLID:  Curtis Martin (Dukes), Marshall Faulk (Venwaz Balls) adn Keyshawn Johnson (Assholes) will all produce well.

Round #3 Picks                                                         
# 1:High Tech Rednecks    QB Brister,Bubby       Denver Broncos        
# 2:VEGA                  WR Smith,Jimmy         Jacksonville Jaguars  
# 3:Cyclones              RB Staley,Duce         Philadelphia Eagles   
# 4:Assholes              RB Smith,Emmitt        Dallas Cowboys        
# 5:Painful Rectal Itches WR Carter,Cris         Minnesota Vikings     
# 6:Cheesy-Poofs          RB Bettis,Jerome       Pittsburgh Steelers   
# 7:G-Men                 RB Means,Natrone       San Diego Chargers    
# 8:Venwaz Balls          RB Dillon,Corey        Cincinnati Bengals    
# 9:Pull My Finger        WR Moulds,Eric         Buffalo Bills         
#10:Ruffy                 WR Brown,Tim           Oakland Raiders       
#11:Dukes                 WR Galloway,Joey       Seattle Seahawks      
#12:Blind Squirrels       WR Rice,Jerry          San Francisco 49ers   
Old Faces in Familiar Places:  Duce Staley reunites with the Cyclones after almost helping them win the Superbowl last
	season.  Emmit Smith returns to the Assholes after helping lead PRI to the Superbowl title last year.
Thank You, Randy Moss:  PRI gets the "other" Vikings Receiver, Cris Carter...solid pick and scores a bunch.
UH...never mind:  Anyone out there think Bubby Brister is the 25th best player in our draft.  Well, the Rednecks do!
Slowing Down:  Jerome Bettis (Cheesy-Poofs) looks fat and old, and Corey Dillon (Venwaz Balls) just looks no-so-good.
STEAL of the round:  Blind Squirrels grab Jerry Rice, who looks healthy and is primed for a big year.
The Early Round Oakland Factor - last year Ruffy drafted bust James Jett as thier #4 pick, this year they draft Tim Brown
	a round earlier as his potential bust replacement. 
Will he or Won't he?:  The Dukes gambled with normally high-draft pick Joey Galloway, who is still holding out with
	contract issues and looks ready to sit out the entire season.  If he does play, it's an excellent 3rd-round pick.

Round #4 Picks                                                         
# 1:Blind Squirrels       RB Murrell,Adrian      Arizona Cardinals     
# 2:Dukes                 RB Hicks,Skip          Washington Redskins   
# 3:Ruffy                 RB Morris,Bam          Kansas City Chiefs    
# 4:Pull My Finger        WR Mathis,Terance      Atlanta Falcons       
# 5:Venwaz Balls          WR Smith,Rod           Denver Broncos        
# 6:G-Men                 WR Martin,Tony         Miami Dolphins        
# 7:Cheesy-Poofs          WR Moore,Herman        Detroit Lions         
# 8:Painful Rectal Itches RB Smith,Antowain      Buffalo Bills         
# 9:Assholes              RB Collins,Cecil       Miami Dolphins        
#10:Cyclones              WR Moore,Rob           Arizona Cardinals     
#11:VEGA                  RB Enis,Curtis         Chicago Bears         
#12:High Tech Rednecks    WR Chrebet,Wayne       New York Jets         
Running Back Questions:  Adrian Murrell (Blind Squirrels) has no offensive line, Bam Morris (Ruffy) is a short-yardage
	back only, Antowain Smith (PRI) has a nagging groin injury, Cecil Collins (Assholes) is a rookie on a team
	with a bunch of backs, and Curtis Enis (VEGA) plays for the Bears.  #2 backs never looked so shaky.
A couple lucky ones:  Tony Martin (G-Men) beat the money laundering rap and will likely have a great year in Miami.
	Herman Moore (Cheesy-Poofs) has an up & coming QB throwing to him as the main target.

Round #5 Picks                                                         
# 1:High Tech Rednecks    QB McNair,Steve        Tennessee Titans      
# 2:VEGA                  WR Glenn,Terry         New England Patriots  
# 3:Cyclones              FB Alstott,Mike        Tampa Bay Buccaneers  
# 4:Assholes              QB Kitna,Jon           Seattle Seahawks      
# 5:Painful Rectal ItchesDef Seattle Defense     Seattle Seahawks      
# 6:Cheesy-Poofs          RB Faulk,Kevin         New England Patriots  
# 7:G-Men                 RB Dunn,Warrick        Tampa Bay Buccaneers  
# 8:Venwaz Balls          QB Green,Trent         St. Louis Rams        
# 9:Pull My Finger        RB Holmes,Priest       Baltimore Ravens      
#10:Ruffy                 TE Coates,Ben          New England Patriots  
#11:Dukes                 WR Conway,Curtis       Chicago Bears         
#12:Blind Squirrels       WR McCaffrey,Ed        Denver Broncos        
Round #3 Rebound:  HTR grabs Steve McNair who started for them last year and likely will replace Brister this year.
Who would've thunk it:  Trent Green (Venwaz Balls) looked poised for a great season but may have just ended his
	season with a pre-season game knee injury.  This was the 'Balls #1 QB.  Owwie.
Could be a great one:  John Kitna (Assholes) has the potential to light it up in Seattle, even without Galloway.
If only he could play the Bengals every week:  Pull My Finger grabs Priest Holmes, who may lose starts to Rhett.
Laugh it up, funny boys:  Never mind that in OUR league, defenses in '98 averaged just under 20 PPG, trailing only the 
	QB category in overall performance.  Never mind that Seattle's D was the #5 scorer in our whole league last
	season.  Everyone thought it was funny that PRI grabbed 'em in the 5th round.  We laugh at all of YOU.

Round #6 Picks                                                         
# 1:Blind Squirrels       RB Phillips,Lawrence   San Francisco 49ers   
# 2:Dukes                 WR McDuffie,O.j.       Miami Dolphins        
# 3:Ruffy                 WR Lewis,Jermaine      Baltimore Ravens      
# 4:Pull My Finger        QB Chandler,Chris      Atlanta Falcons       
# 5:Venwaz Balls          WR Sanders,Frank       Arizona Cardinals     
# 6:G-Men                 WR Thigpen,Yancey      Tennessee Titans      
# 7:Cheesy-Poofs          WR McCardell,Keenan    Jacksonville Jaguars  
# 8:Painful Rectal Itches TE Sharpe,Shannon      Denver Broncos        
# 9:Assholes              WR Toomer,Amani        New York Giants       
#10:Cyclones              K  Anderson,Gary       Minnesota Vikings     
#11:VEGA                  WR Scott,Darnay        Cincinnati Bengals    
#12:High Tech Rednecks    RB Brown,Gary          New York Giants       
Crime May Pay:  Blind Squirrels grab Lawrence Phillips, who is now the go-to guy on a powerful San Fran offense.
Receivers Galore:  8 of the 12 picks this round were WR or TE, the best of which were Frank Sanders (Venwaz Balls), 
	Shannon Sharpe (PRI) and "sleeper" Darnay Scott (Cincinnatti).  
Too early?:  After league ridicule of a D pick in round #5, kicker Gary Anderson (Cyclones) goes in round #6 with nary a
	peep.  Though he's an excellent K, this position is by far the lowest average PPG.  Wake up, SFFL!
Too late?:  As their first QB - the most important position in SFFL - Pull My Finger waits 'till round 6 to take Chris
	Chandler.  Will he have another year like '98?  Unlikely.  

Round #7 Picks                                                         
# 1:High Tech Rednecks    WR Holt,Torry          St. Louis Rams        
# 2:VEGA                  QB Flutie,Doug         Buffalo Bills         
# 3:Cyclones              WR Bruce,Isaac         St. Louis Rams        
# 4:Assholes              WR Alexander,Derrick   Kansas City Chiefs    
# 5:Painful Rectal Itches QB Marino,Dan          Miami Dolphins        
# 6:Cheesy-Poofs          WR Westbrook,Michael   Washington Redskins   
# 7:G-Men                 WR Boston,David        Arizona Cardinals     
# 8:Venwaz Balls          RB Biakabutuka,Tim     Carolina Panthers     
# 9:Pull My Finger        RB Kirby,Terry         Cleveland Browns      
#10:Ruffy                 WR Irvin,Michael       Dallas Cowboys        
#11:Dukes                Def Ny Giants Defense   New York Giants       
#12:Blind Squirrels       WR Morton,Johnnie      Detroit Lions         
Whatta backup:  PRI grabs Dan Marino as the #77 pick overall and their #2 QB.  He could start.  Also, as the Favre
	backup, VEGA gets Doug Flutie (no QB controversy there).
Whatta Homer:  Not a big surprise that the Rednecks "had" to have a Rams player, so they take...Torry Holt??
Whatta Question:  Is David Boston (G-Men) another Randy Moss or at best the #3 receiver on his own team?
Whatta Hammy:  The Cyclones gamble on potentially awesome Isaac Bruce...a player that has burned the Assholes and
	PRI the last couple seasons.

Round #8 Picks                                                         
# 1:Blind Squirrels       K  Elam,Jason          Denver Broncos        
# 2:Dukes                 K  Hanson,Jason        Detroit Lions         
# 3:Ruffy                Def Miami Defense       Miami Dolphins        
# 4:Pull My Finger        WR Ismail,Raghib       Dallas Cowboys        
# 5:Venwaz Balls          WR Mayes,Derrick       Green Bay Packers     
# 6:G-Men                Def Minnesota Defense   Minnesota Vikings     
# 7:Cheesy-Poofs          QB Stewart,Kordell     Pittsburgh Steelers   
# 8:Painful Rectal Itches WR Stokes,J.J.         San Francisco 49ers   
# 9:Assholes             Def New Orleans Defense New Orleans Saints    
#10:Cyclones             Def Oakland Defense     Oakland Raiders       
#11:VEGA                 Def Ny Jets Defense     New York Jets         
#12:High Tech Rednecks   Def Atlanta Defense     Atlanta Falcons       
The Plan for the Rest of the League:  Round #8 must be when everyone decided to start taking the D and K positions.
	Not a bad pick among the bunch, with Ruffy (Miami) and the G-Men (Minnesota) coming out on top.
Primed for a Comeback?:  How about last years #4 pick Kordell Stewart (Cheesy-Poofs) dropping to round #8?  A good
	bargain pick who may see playing time soon.
Potential:  Rocket Ismail (Pull My Finger) could end up being the go-to guy in Dallas.  J.J. Stokes (PRI) isn't too flashy
	but is a solid contributor for San Fran.

Round #9 Picks                                                         
# 1:High Tech Rednecks    WR Pickens,Carl        Cincinnati Bengals    
# 2:VEGA                  K  Christie,Steve      Buffalo Bills         
# 3:Cyclones              RB Rivers,Ron          Detroit Lions         
# 4:Assholes              K  Hollis,Mike         Jacksonville Jaguars  
# 5:Painful Rectal Itches K  Del greco,Al        Tennessee Titans      
# 6:Cheesy-Poofs         Def Green Bay Defense   Green Bay Packers     
# 7:G-Men                 WR Rison,Andre         Kansas City Chiefs    
# 8:Venwaz Balls          QB Johnson,Brad        Washington Redskins   
# 9:Pull My Finger        RB Garner,Charlie      San Francisco 49ers   
#10:Ruffy                 RB Kaufman,Napoleon    Oakland Raiders       
#11:Dukes                 FB Way,Charles         New York Giants       
#12:Blind Squirrels      Def San Diego Defense   San Diego Chargers    
Homer #2:  Cheesy-Poofs pass on some good defenses and grab Green Bay. Hmmm...
Good thing they got Torry Holt:  the Rednecks continue to amuse as they grab Carl Pickens, who may never play this year.
Just Like That, he's a Starter:  The Venwaz Balls get to start their #9 pick Brad Johnson due to Trent Green's injury.
	It's going to be a long season...
Some never learn:  Ruffy decides Napoleon Kaufman is worth another gamble for the second straight year.

Round #10 Picks                                                        
# 1:Blind Squirrels       RB Hoard,Leroy         Minnesota Vikings     
# 2:Dukes                 QB Dilfer,Trent        Tampa Bay Buccaneers  
# 3:Ruffy                 K  Cunningham,Richie   Dallas Cowboys        
# 4:Pull My Finger        QB Couch,Tim           Cleveland Browns      
# 5:Venwaz Balls          K  Peterson,Todd       Seattle Seahawks      
# 6:G-Men                 RB Johnson,James       Miami Dolphins        
# 7:Cheesy-Poofs          K  Andersen,Morten     Atlanta Falcons       
# 8:Painful Rectal Itches RB Irvin,Sedrick       Detroit Lions         
# 9:Assholes              QB Batch,Charlie       Detroit Lions         
#10:Cyclones              WR Johnson,Charles     Philadelphia Eagles   
#11:VEGA                  TE Chmura,Mark         Green Bay Packers     
#12:High Tech Rednecks    K  Longwell,Ryan       Green Bay Packers     
Could be quite productive:  Assholes pick Charlie Batch, who is definitely the #1 QB in Detroit.  Pull My Finger takes
	a chance with rookie Tim Couch - perhaps he'll have a Peyton Manning type year?
Dome Kickers RULE:  kickers on high scoring teams AND in domes are great picks.  10th round choices Todd Peterson
	(Venwaz Balls) and Morten Anderson (Cheesy-Poofs) were good ones.
Huh?:  With quite a few good WRs left, why did VEGA grab washed up (and perpetually injured) TE Mark Chmura?

Round #11 Picks                                                        
# 1:High Tech Rednecks    WR Calloway,Chris      Atlanta Falcons       
# 2:VEGA                 Def Denver Defense      Denver Broncos        
# 3:Cyclones              QB McNown,Cade         Chicago Bears         
# 4:Assholes              WR Muhammad,Muhsin     Carolina Panthers     
# 5:Painful Rectal Itches WR Dawkins,Sean        Seattle Seahawks      
# 6:Cheesy-Poofs          WR Hilliard,Ike        New York Giants       
# 7:G-Men                 K  Hall,John           New York Jets         
# 8:Venwaz Balls          RB Davis,Stephen       Washington Redskins   
# 9:Pull My Finger        K  Vinatieri,Adam      New England Patriots  
#10:Ruffy                 QB Aikman,Troy         Dallas Cowboys        
#11:Dukes                 WR Shepherd,Leslie     Cleveland Browns      
#12:Blind Squirrels       QB Gannon,Rich         Oakland Raiders     
Now You're Reaching:  Cyclones now have Cade McNown as backup for Cunningham.  Enough said.  
Good late round RB:  Venwaz Balls get Stephen Davis, who may be better than many others picked much earlier.
Good late round QB:  Someone's gotta throw to all those receivers...Blind Squirrels grab Rich Gannon.  Also, Ruffy takes
	steady but unspectacular Troy Aikman as a solid backup to erratic Testeverde. 

Round #12 Picks                                                        
# 1:Blind Squirrels       WR Emanuel,Bert        Tampa Bay Buccaneers  
# 2:Dukes                 RB Abdul-Jabbar,Karim  Miami Dolphins        
# 3:Ruffy                 WR Dyson,Kevin         Tennessee Titans      
# 4:Pull My Finger       Def Tampa Bay Defense   Tampa Bay Buccaneers  
# 5:Venwaz Balls         Def San Fran Defense    San Francisco 49ers   
# 6:G-Men                 QB Mitchell,Scott      Baltimore Ravens      
# 7:Cheesy-Poofs          FB Anders,Kimble       Kansas City Chiefs    
# 8:Painful Rectal Itches WR Carruth,Rae         Carolina Panthers     
# 9:Assholes              RB Warren,Chris        Dallas Cowboys        
#10:Cyclones              WR Jett,James          Oakland Raiders       
#11:VEGA                  RB Rhett,Errict        Baltimore Ravens      
#12:High Tech Rednecks    RB Lane,Fred           Carolina Panthers   
Best #12 pick:  Dukes get Karim Abdul-Jabbar.  Say what you will, but he scores TDs and is a steal this late.
Another go-round:  Last year I said Errict Rhett (VEGA) was an excellent pick but ended up being a bust.  VEGA had 'em
	and is hoping for better results this year.
Could end up a starter:  Fred Lane (High Tech Rednecks) was a heads-up draft pick for these guys.
Why?  Why?  Why?:  The Assholes take another Dallas RB, Chris Warren, who will play little if at all.  Wasted draft pick.

Round #13 Picks                                                        
# 1:High Tech Rednecks    WR Reed,Andre          Buffalo Bills         
# 2:VEGA                  WR Engram,Bobby        Chicago Bears         
# 3:Cyclones              K  Vanderjagt,Mike     Indianapolis Colts    
# 4:Assholes              WR Anthony,Reidel      Tampa Bay Buccaneers  
# 5:Painful Rectal Itches RB Green,Ahman         Seattle Seahawks      
# 6:Cheesy-Poofs          WR Kennison,Eddie      New Orleans Saints    
# 7:G-Men                Def Baltimore Defense   Baltimore Ravens      
# 8:Venwaz Balls          WR Johnson,Kevin       Cleveland Browns      
# 9:Pull My Finger        K  Gramatica,Martin    Tampa Bay Buccaneers  
#10:Ruffy                 RB Allen,James         Chicago Bears         
#11:Dukes                 WR Jefferson,Shawn     New England Patriots  
#12:Blind Squirrels       WR Reed,Jake           Minnesota Vikings     
More Homer Picks:  Two, count 'em, TWO Bears go in the same round.  VEGA takes Bobby Engram and Ruffy grabs
	James Allen.  Gee, you would've thought they'd still be there in round 15...and later.
Reed or Reek:  Andre (High Tech Rednecks) is old but should fare much better than Jake (Blind Squirrels).
Really the best one left?:  G-Men draft the Baltimore Defense.  That is NOT a misprint. 

Round #14 Picks                                                        
# 1:Blind Squirrels       K  Mare,Olindo         Miami Dolphins        
# 2:Dukes                Def Arizona Defense     Arizona Cardinals     
# 3:Ruffy                Def New England Defense New England Patriots  
# 4:Pull My Finger        WR Schroeder,Bill      Green Bay Packers     
# 5:Venwaz Balls          K  Brien,Doug          New Orleans Saints    
# 6:G-Men                 RB Hearst,Garrison     San Francisco 49ers   
# 7:Cheesy-Poofs          K  Carney,John         San Diego Chargers    
# 8:Painful Rectal Itches K  Stoyanovich,Pete    Kansas City Chiefs    
# 9:Assholes              K  Richey,Wade         San Francisco 49ers   
#10:Cyclones             Def Chicago Defense     Chicago Bears         
#11:VEGA                  RB Fletcher,Terrell    San Diego Chargers    
#12:High Tech Rednecks    K  Kasay,John          Carolina Panthers  
Aiming for Distance:  Kickers John Kasay (High Tech Rednecks), Pete Stoyanovich (PRI)  and Doug Brien (Venwaz
	Balls) could all be good picks as they'll have many shots at long field goals.
Smart:  Pull My Finger grabs Bill Schroeder, who with Robert Brooks gone will get many Favre passes thrown his way.
Dumb:  Garrison Hearst (G-Men) will most likely miss the entire season.  And y'all laughed when we picked Yatil Green 
	in this round last year! 

Round #15 Picks                                                        
# 1:High Tech Rednecks   Def Kansas City Defense Kansas City Chiefs    
# 2:VEGA                  K  Johnson,Norm        Philadelphia Eagles   
# 3:Cyclones              RB Jervey,Travis       San Francisco 49ers   
# 4:Assholes             Def Detroit Defense     Detroit Lions         
# 5:Painful Rectal ItchesDef Pittsburgh Defense  Pittsburgh Steelers   
# 6:Cheesy-Poofs         Def St. Louis Defense   St. Louis Rams        
# 7:G-Men                 K  Stover,Matt         Baltimore Ravens      
# 8:Venwaz Balls         Def Cleveland Defense   Cleveland Browns      
# 9:Pull My Finger       Def Tennessee Defense   Tennessee Titans      
#10:Ruffy                 K  Pelfrey,Doug        Cincinnati Bengals    
#11:Dukes                 K  Wilkins,Jeff        St. Louis Rams        
#12:Blind Squirrels      Def Buffalo Defense     Buffalo Bills         
**Gotta Love this round - play 'em or not, $$$ is on the line for the first week!**
Best of the lot:  Pittsburgh D (PRI) plays Cleveland in week 1, and they're not too bad anyway.  Kansas City D (HTR) is
	also a decent pick, and they play the Bears in week 1.
Uh, well, hmmm...:  Cleveland Defense?  CLEVELAND?  Venwaz Balls, shame shame.
NO chance at the week one dough:  Cyclones take injured Travis Jervey.  Mark down a big ZERO there.

Fearless Predictions:
Best of the Draft:  From sheer talent perspectives, the nod has to go to the High Tech Rednecks, with the rookie squad
	G-Men close behind.  What they do with the talent remains to be seen.
Upper Level:  VEGA looks good, especially if Enis lives up to the hype.  PRI loads up again and was very aware of top
	players bye-week status.  The Blind Squirrels AGAIN look like contenders, and the Dukes - IF they can get
	all their WRs in line - may round out the top teams.
A step below:  Pull My Finger may be better than I expect, but there are too many questions at RB and QB.  The
	Cyclones appear to be do-or-die with Cunningham.  Venwaz Balls appear loaded but without a decent QB
	they're not nearly as good. The Assholes have had better drafts and may finally miss the playoffs this year.
Bottom of the Barrell:  It probably comes as no surprise to see Ruffy down here, but what could be the biggest fall
	from grace is the Cheesy-Poofs, who ended '98 with the second best record.  Definitely no repeat in '99.

Though nowhere near as dominating as last year's cakewalk, expect PRI to win the sissy American Conference again,
with the G-Men close behind.  The High Tech Rednecks may finally have a winning season and a shot at the National
Conference title, if VEGA doesn't win it. The Federal Conference may be the most balanced, with the Dukes & Blind
Squirrels in a dogfight to the end, perhaps fending off PMF and the 'Clones.  Without definitive conference separation in
the playoffs it's hard to predict who will play who, but in the end it should be VEGA and PRI still standing.  So, who will
win it all?  Let's just say...well, I think you know what I'll say.  D-Y-N-A-S-T-Y.

Best of luck to all!
Bryan McGonigal, "The Commish"