Blind Squirrels
OwnersErik Spraklen, Doug Dangremond
Sean Sneed (center) is no longer with the team

Last Year's Stats:  9-6 overall record, won the Federal Conf. title, and lost in the second round of the playoffs (had a bye week).  -6.9 Power Rakings (#8 overall), 76.6% Efficiency Rating (#12, or dead last).  They also were the #9 team overall in total points (1953).

NOTES:  This team did well despite itself last season, with too many owners & distractions.  This year they seem to be back again with a decent roster and perhaps some more focus.  As usual, you'll see 'em in the postseason.

Draft spot #12

QB Brunell, Mark   JAX RB Phillips, Lawrence   SF WR Rice, Jerry   SF
QB Gannon, Rich   OAK WR Emanuel, Bert   TB K Elam, Jason   DEN
RB George, Eddie   TEN WR McCaffrey, Ed   DEN K Mare, Olindo   MIA
RB Hoard, Leroy   MIN WR Morton, Johnnie   DET D Buffalo
RB Murrell, Adrian   ARI WR Reed, Jake   MIN D San Diego

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OwnersPaul Pasternock, Dave Halffield

Last Year's Stats:  10-7 overall record, #2 in the Federal Conf., made playoffs as wildcard and was the Superbowl runner-up.   16.4 Power Ranking (#2 overall), 86.0% Efficiency Rating (#3 overall).  

NOTES:  The 'Clones had a great season last year and were hoping to take that one extra step in '99.  It's quite possible, but looking at their draft there are many variables to consider.  Too many, perhaps, to count on...which could be their downfall. 

Draft spot #3

QB Cunningham, Randall MIN RB Alstott, Mike   TB TE Moore, Rob   ARI
QB McNown, Cade   CHI WR Bruce, Isaac   STL K Anderson, Gary   MIN
RB Jervey, Travis   SF WR Harrison, Marvin   IND K Vanderjagt, Mike   IND
RB Rivers, Ron   DET WR Jett, James   OAK D Chicago
RB Staley, Duce   PHI WR Johnson, Charles   PHI D Oakland

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OwnersTom Rasnic, Alan Rasnic

Last Year's Stats:  8-7 overall record, won the Federal Conf., lost first round of the playoffs.  2.2 Power Ranking (#6 overall), 77.3% efficiency rating (#11 overall).

NOTES:  The Dukes came out on top in a very competitive division, which completed their turnaround from the previous years disaster.  They appear to be one of those borderline talents this year - good players but some big concerns, and they're again in a tough division.  This should be interesting.

Draft spot #11

QB Dilfer, Trent   TB RB Way, Charles   NYG TE Shepherd, Leslie   CLE
QB Manning, Peyton   IND WR Conway, Curtis   CHI K Hanson, Jason   DET
RB Abdul-Jabbar, Karim MIA WR Galloway, Joey   SEA K Wilkins, Jeff   STL
RB Hicks, Skip   WAS WR Jefferson, Shawn   NE D Arizona
RB Martin, Curtis   NYJ WR McDuffie, O.J.   MIA D NY Giants

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                Pull My Finger
Owners Steve Lemke, Dave Mansfield

Last Year's Stats:  **Formerly the Dildudes.  7-7 overall record, #3 in the National Conf. and just missed the playoffs.  3.2 Power Rakings (#4 overall), 87.5% Efficiency Rating (#2 overall).  

NOTES:  The best team to NOT make the playoffs last year could be in the same situation in '99.  Some unproven and/or inconsistent talent may be the deciding factor in a competitive division.  A bit more balance on the team and they'll be right in the thick of things.

Draft spot #9

QB Chandler, Chris   ATL RB Williams, Ricky   NO WR Schroeder, Bill   GB
QB Couch, Tim   CLE WR Freeman, Antonio   GB K Gramatica, Martin  TB
RB Garner, Charlie   SF WR Ismail, Raghib   DAL K Vinatieri, Adam   NE
RB Holmes, Priest   BAL WR Mathis, Terance   ATL D Tampa Bay
RB Kirby, Terry   CLE WR Moulds, Eric   BUF D Tennessee

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