Owners:   Kevin Fletcher, Jeff Sneed

Last Year's Stats:  8-8 overall, 2nd place in the National Conf.  Made playoffs as a wildcard and lost in second round.  -15.4 Power Ranking (#9 overall) and 82.4% Efficiency Rating (#7 overall). 

NOTES:  Somehow find a way to make the playoffs every year and usually do the past four years only the Assholes and PRI have won the championship (two each).  This year may be the first time in a long while that the 'Holes find themselves in the bottom six at season's end.

Draft spot #4

QB Batch, Charlie  DET RB Warren, Chris   DAL WR Toomer, Amani   NYG
QB Kitna, Jon   SEA WR Alexander, Derrick   KC K Hollis, Mike   JAX
RB Collins, Cecil   MIA WR Anthony, Reidel   TB K Richey, Wade   SF
RB Smith, Emmit   DAL WR Johnson, Keyshawn   NYJ D Detroit
RB Taylor, Fred   JAX WR Muhammad, Mushin   CAR D New Orleans

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OwnersDan Heney, Marshall Buchanan 

Last Year's Stats:  10-5 overall record, #2 in the American Conf.  Wildcard playoff berth but lost first round.  5.2 Power Ranking (#3 overall), 82.8% Efficiency Rating (#6 overall).  They were also #3 in the league with total points scored (2289).  

NOTES:  After a remarkable turnaround from '97 (4-10 record), the only problem the Cheesy-Poofs had last year was being in the same conference as PRI.   This year it's a lack of overall player talent.  Another "remarkable" turnaround, in the other direction, may be in store...

Draft spot #6

QB Plummer, Jake   ARI RB Anders, Kimble   KC TE Westbrook, Michael   WAS
QB Stewart, Kordell   PIT WR Hilliard, Ike   NYG K Anderson, Morten   ATL
RB Bettis, Jerome   PIT WR Kennison, Eddie   NO K Carney, John   SD
RB Faulk, Kevin   NE WR McCardell, Keenan   JAX D Green Bay
RB Levens, Dorsey   GB WR Moore, Herman   DET D St. Louis

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               High Tech Rednecks
OwnersDave Bockman, Russell Fyfe

Last Year's Stats:  5-9 record, 3rd place in the American Conf.  -1.8 Power Ranking (#7 overall), 85.2% Efficiency Rating (#5 overall).  Perhaps their best showing in three years.

NOTES:  This could be a real breakout year for the Rednecks...a first round draft pick certainly helps, and if Dave can hang around all year for support they may have a shot at - GULP - a winning record AND perhaps more.  Time will tell.

Draft spot #1

QB Brister, Bubby   DEN RB Watters, Ricky   SEA TE Reed, Andre   BUF
QB McNair, Steve   TEN WR Calloway, Chris   ATL K Kasay, John   CAR
RB Brown, Gary   NYG WR Chrebet, Wayne   NYJ K Longwell, Ryan   GB
RB Davis, Terrell   DEN WR Holt, Torry   STL D Atlanta
RB Lane, Fred   CAR WR Pickens, Carl   CIN (?) D Kansas City

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OwnersMarc Butvilas (pictured)Justin Convey

Last Year's Stats:  6-8 overall record, #4 in the National conf.  -16.8 Power Ranking (#11 overall), 78.9% Efficiency Rating (#9 overall).  Dead Last in total points scored (1793) for the season.

NOTES:  After a great rookie season in '97 they faltered last year with little offensive punch.  That seems to have been corrected this season, and they have a great shot at not only the division but the SFFL title.

Draft spot #2

QB Favre, Brett   GB RB Smith, Robert   MIN WR Chmura, Mark   GB
QB Flutie, Doug   BUF WR Engram, Bobby   CHI K Christie, Steve   BUF
RB Enis, Curtis   CHI WR Glenn, Terry   NE K Johnson, Norm   PHI
RB Fletcher, Terrell   SD WR Scott, Darnay   CIN D Denver
RB Rhett, Errict   BAL WR Smith, Jimmy   JAX D NY Jets

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