Now retitled "YEAR IN REVIEW" 08/15/2000
Final 1999 Season Thoughts...

After all has been said & done, here are the final grades for every team 
in our league for the 1999 season:
High Tech Rednecks 
Grade: B+ 

Make no mistake about it, these guys finally have a good season - and they did it basically without the league's #1 overall draft pick. Despite drafting Bubby Brister, dropping Steve McNair and picking up Tiki Barber twice, they did make a few good acquisitions during the season (see Rich Gannon). A wildcard berth and early exit from the playoffs didn't win them any $$$, but they ended up #2 overall in efficiency and actually turned in a lineup on time every week. Things can only get better…right?

Grade: A+

Despite setting an all-time SFFL week low of 25 points, the new league champion gets the extra "+" on their grade due to their 10-game win streak that closed out the season. This was one of those years where everything seemed to go right for VEGA, which was a complete turnaround from the 1998 campaign. It's good to see that at least one of the commish's preseason Superbowl picks came true! VEGA earns 35% of the league pot (25% for the Superbowl victory, 10% for the National Conference title) and ended up in the #1 spot for Power Rankings. An excellent season is an understatement.

Grade: A-

Last season's Superbowl runner-up had the league's second best overall record and ended up #2 in point totals. Leading the league in virtually every category during the first half of the season, they tapered off a bit through the second half - some of it was due to players coming back to earth, some of it was due to questionable coaching decisions. After a first-round bye they made a quick playoff exit, but still managed to secure 20% of the league pot (10% each for the Federal Division conference title and the #2 in point totals). It's never too bad of a season when you can walk away with some cash.

Grade: D

This was the first year in league history that the two-time Superbowl champion Assholes did not make the playoffs. The certainly had enough scoring punch but never seemed to put it all together when it mattered. Lack of a big-play QB is always a downfall. Playing in the league's toughest conference (National) didn't help their odds, and with the worst overall efficiency rating (76.6%) they ended up in the cellar. I'd anticipate a big effort for these league veterans next year after this truly embarrassing season.

Painful Rectal Itches
Grade: C-

After having the most dominating team and season EVER in SFFL history in 1998, the mighty fall from grace in 1999 was like a blindside hit from a blitzing linebacker. This team never fully recovered from the loss of Jamal Anderson in week #2, and with a couple exceptions just didn't get consistent production from their players. The only real bright spots were a #1 season efficiency rating (which keeps PRI at the top of the SFFL coaching), and a Week #1 15th round player win limited their losses. Regardless, losing does suck, and so did PRI in '99.

Grade: F

On paper this team had a good draft, but once San Francisco failed it was all over. Very few positives to report, other than somehow magically managing to win five games. Lack of any real effort to know who's playing and what's going on, not caring about their lineups and basically giving up well before the season ends earns our rookie team the worst possible year-end grade. The commish certainly hopes that ALL members of the team attend the 2000 draft and actually pay attention during the new season.

Grade: B

Talk about a bad luck team…another decent season wasted in a conference that produced the league champ. Though their offense and record didn't fully compare to the Young-led powerhouse in '98, they still managed a second place finish in the National Conference and a first-round playoff victory. For what it's worth, they also led the league in total transactions. Perhaps next year the Poofs will be lucky enough to end up in the same league with the G-Men and Ruffy and finally win some money.

Venwaz Balls
Grade: A

A scoring machine from the get-go that actually heated up later in the season. A very good draft that saw them grab four running backs that were all starter quality, and their "second string" QB turned out to be one of the leagues best in '99. Their efforts led them to an American Conference title, league top Point Total earner and a runner-up finish in the Super Bowl…45% of the total league pot. If they had one weakness it was their suspect coaching, as their 11th place 78.1% efficiency rating suggest. However, that doesn't take anything away from a simply awesome season.

Pull My Finger
Grade: B-

A very promising team - leading the Federal Conference after Week #12 - literally melted down before our very eyes the last few games, ending with a disappointing wildcard playoff loss. It was like a kid acing a test, then forgetting to finish the final section (thus the lower grade). The trade for Flutie around mid-season was a good one, but unfortunately the play calling throughout the season dragged 'em down (10th overall in efficiency). And, NO, the Galloway pickup (and eventual trade) didn't help! Perhaps in 2000 they'll balance their strong start with a strong finish.

Grade: D- - -

On the verge of setting the league record for worst W-L season ever, Ruffy bounced back at the end to earn a shred of respectability. In reality they deserved a failing grade for their 3-11 record alone. However, once they figured out where to send their lineups they were consistent, and God knows why but they actually seemed to care up until the end. That doesn't erase their ineptitude for player knowledge, as technically their only decent draft pick was Edgerrin James (and we all know that was a blind luck choice). Winning only eight games in two years is far from a notable accomplishment, but at least they're trying.

Grade: D

A decent draft and some great free-agent pickups kept these guys in contention up until the final three weeks, when they proceeded to just get pounded and ended up finishing dead last in the Federal Conference. Hands-down they were the most unreliable team for turning in lineups, which knocks them down a notch in the grade category. Mediocrity at it's ugliest. If they pretend like they give a damn DURING the season, perhaps next year they make the playoffs.

Blind Squirrels
Grade: C+

After a horrid 0-4 start, they were one of the best teams in the league through the rest of the year. Too bad that it just wasn't enough as they end up 7-7 and missed the playoff for the first time ever. They had the smarts to pick up Kurt Warner after the season began and with their trio of Detroit players made a late run for the #2 point total spot. They get a thumbs up for not giving up when it looked bad and actually putting together a much better season then some of the playoff teams.





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Painful Rectal Itches