SFFL2001 Playoff League

Dave Bockman set up an 8-team league for the 2001 playoffs...this included a few people from within our current SFFL league and a few of his other friends.  $50 per team entry fee, each team drafted ten (10) players, and this remains the lineup throughout the playoffs.  Our current SFFL scoring system is being used (click here for rule book with scoring).  The highest point total at the end wins 80% of the pot ($320), while second place earns 20% ($80). 

With the "season" finally over, here's the final results.  Bryan & Gene's QB Club got off to a huge lead earl on and were never challenged...they walk away with first place and $320.  Dave Richards finishes a respectable 34 points behind for 2nd place and $80.  Dave Bockman (BTO) finishes last...basically sucking, like his overrated Rams. "Greatest Show on Turf" my ass...what was that point spread again in Superbowl XXXVI?  Anyway, thanks to all for playing...let's do it again next year!

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FINAL Playoff League Points through Sunday, February 3rd

Total Point Rankings       
Team                    Tot
Bryan & Gene's QB Club  326
Dave Richards           292
Blind Squirrels         253
Bin Laden               216
R Walker                200
Warpigs                 187
Jim Frugo               156
BTO                     145

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Week #20 (NFC & AFC Championship Games) Breakdown