SFFL 2001 Year-End Summary

Some quick & easy stats on the 2001 season.  All of the other details can be found at the official league website, http://members.tripod.com/HuskerFan1.  Congratulations to VEGA for being our 2001 league champs, the Blind Squirrels for winning the Total Point Title, and on a lesser scale the Cheesy-Poofs for their Toilet Bowl win!


A few more items of special note – VEGA has now won THREE championships in a row (this year as a wildcard team), the Blind Squirrels have won the Point Championship two years in a row AND have had no Kick in the Dicks for the past three seasons!  On the other side, Venwaz Balls has the league’s worst record, and as the Toilet Bowl loser gets the draft board duties in 2002.  However, the Cyclones are listed as the overall worst team…why?  They’ve earned the 3rd worst overall record, 3rd worst Efficiency Rating, and are dead last in Power Rakings, Point totals, and interconference records…plus end up the season as #2 in most $$ owed. ‘Nuff said.


Updates on the 2002 season will be sent via e-mail and posted on the website (same address).  Thanks for another great year, and see you in August!




Superbowl/League Champ

VEGA (3rd year in row)

Overall Worst Team in League


Superbowl Runner-Up

Pull My Finger

Second Worst Team in League

Venwaz Balls

Point Total Champion

Blind Squirrels (2nd year in row) (2266)

Least Points Scored

Cyclones (1534)

Point Total second place

PRI (2054)

Second Least Points Scored

Ruffy (1622)

Point Total third place

VEGA (2019)

Third Least Points Scored

Assholes (1678)

American Conference Champ

Blind Squirrels (2nd year in row)

American Conference Cellar

Venwaz Balls

National Conference Champ


National Conference Cellar

Cyclones (2nd year in row)

Federal Conference Champ

Pull My Finger

Federal Conference Cellar


Wildcard Teams


Making our Draft Board in 2002

Venwaz Balls

Top Power Ranking

Pull My Finger (22.44)

Worst Power Ranking

Cyclones (2nd year in row) (-29.1)

Top Efficiency Rating

Blind Squirrels (87.5%)

Worst Efficiency Rating

Assholes (71.7%)

Most Victories

Pull My Finger (12)

Least Victories

Venwaz Balls (3)

Best Conference Record

Blind Squirrels, Pull My Finger (5-1)

Worst Conference Record

Cheesy-Poofs, Venwaz Balls (0-6)

Best Interconference Record

Pull My Finger (6-1)

Worst Interconference Record

Cyclones, High Tech Rednecks (2-5)

Best Conference overall

Federal Conference

Worst Conference overall

National Conference

Least Points Scored Against

Pull My Finger (1611)

Most Points Scored Against

Venwaz Balls (2290)

Least Trades/Transactions

Dukes (7)

Most Trades/Transactions

Pull My Finger (23)

Most Improved from 2000

Pull My Finger

Biggest Nosedive from 2000



Blind Squirrels (3rd in a row), Dukes, PRI (0)


Ruffy (3)