SFFL 2002 Year-End Summary

Congratulations to the Assholes for being our 2002 league champs AND winning the Total Point Title! On a lesser scale, kudos to Ruffy for their Toilet Bowl win and actually collecting some point total cash for 3rd place!  2002 was truly a season with no dominant team; eight teams were either 7-6 or 6-7, and ONLY the Assholes finished with double digit wins (10).  However, this was quite an interesting year.  Besides VEGA ending their three-year championship reign, here are some other items of note:


*****Second year in a row a wildcard team won the Superbowl.*****We had all new conference champs this year.*****Blind Squirrels break their string of 3 years with no kick in the dicks (two this year).*****Cyclones break their string of two years of last place conference finishes & last place power rankings.*****Venwaz finishes their second straight year owing more than $250 at seasons end.*****Fumunda Cheez sets a record for most transactions in a season (28).*****Ruffy, the Toilet bowl winner & “second worst” team in our league, had no penalties & finished 3rd in point totals. HOW???*****Dukes set all-time record for $$ owed at seasons end, Kick in the Dicks & total penalties.  Being at the bottom of most major categories, including an amazingly bad 0-7 interconference record & 31-point Toilet Bowl output, statistically this 2002 team makes a strong argument for being the worst team EVER in our SFFL league.  Yes, even worse than the 2-12 Unaboners…THAT bad!*****


Thanks for another great year, and see you in August!




Superbowl/League Champ


Overall Worst Team in League


Superbowl Runner-Up

FuMunda Cheez

Second Worst Team in League


Point Total Champion

Assholes (2200)

Least Points Scored

Dukes (1554)

Point Total second place

FuMunda Cheez (2127)

Second Least Points Scored

Venwaz (1632)

Point Total third place

Ruffy (2122)

Third Least Points Scored

High Tech Rednecks (1880)

American Conference Champ

High Tech Rednecks

American Conference Cellar


National Conference Champ

Painful Rectal Itches

National Conference Cellar

Blind Squirrels

Federal Conference Champ

FuMunda Cheez

Federal Conference Cellar


Wildcard Teams

Assholes, Pull My Finger, VEGA

Making our Draft Board in 2002


Top Power Ranking

Assholes (56.5)

Worst Power Ranking

Dukes (-21.5)

Top Efficiency Rating

Assholes (80.4%)

Worst Efficiency Rating

Dukes (66.4%)

Most Victories

Assholes (10)

Least Victories

Dukes (4)

Best Conference Record

Dukes, FuMunda Cheez, PMF, PRI (4-2)

Worst Conference Record

G-Men, Ruffy, VEGA, Venwaz (2-4)

Best Interconference Record

VEGA, Venwaz (5-2)

Worst Interconference Record

Dukes (0-7)

Best Conference overall

Federal Conference (2nd year in a row)

Worst Conference overall

American Conference

Least Points Scored Against

High Tech Rednecks (1764)

Most Points Scored Against

Blind Squirrels (2071)

Least Trades/Transactions

G-Men (3)

Most Trades/Transactions

FuMunda Cheez (28)

Most Improved from 2000

FuMunda Cheez (Cheesy-Poofs)

Biggest Nosedive from 2000



Assholes, FuMunda Cheez, Ruffy (0)


Dukes (5)