The 2002 SFFL Official Side Bet Page
Last revised - September 16, 2002

Following is a list of all SIDE BET information received by the commissioner as of September 16th.  If anything is missing (Erik, do you have more??) please send it to me.  Also, if someone makes additional side bets, you are encouraged to forward it to me so that it can be could eliminate arguments later in the year.

Unless otherwise noted, bets listed are per owner (i.e., head-to-head matchups are $20, or $10 per owner).

Bet Amount Results
Cyclones & Assholes, Head-To-Head $10
Cyclones & Assholes, Season Point Totals $20
PRI & Assholes, Head-To Head (both games) $10/game
Assholes & High Tech Rednecks, Head-To-Head $10
Assholes & High Tech Rednecks, Season Point Totals $25
Blind Squirrels & Assholes, Head-To-Head $10/game
Blind Squirrels & Assholes, Season Point Totals $25