SFFL 2003 Year-End Summary

From the 2002 Toilet Bowl to the 2003 league championship…a big congrats goes out to RUFFY!  Believe it or not, this is the THIRD year in a row that a wildcard team takes our league title…and in fact this year neither Superbowl team won their conference.  On that note, the Dukes – who were the toilet bowl loser in 2002 - deserve some accolades for a successful season (turning in lineups on time every week must help).  Despite what would appear to be a vision of parity like in 2002, this year did feature three dominant teams in terms of weekly performance – FuMunda Cheez, PRI and Venwaz each finished with more than 10 wins…and PRI (who finished 3rd) tie the all-time win record in a season with 13, a record which they also set in 1998.   However, when all was said & done half the teams walked away with $$ and half ended up owing…same as last year but for the most part even more balanced.


There was of course our share of not so good…the G-Men finishing at an embarrassing 3-12, and though not quite “worst team ever” status this didn’t help the confidence or pocketbook of their rookie owner.  After three league championships, VEGA takes home a different trophy, the Toilet Bowl one.  The Cyclones ride a nine-game losing streak during the regular season & end up in 10th place.  Pull My Finger, who won their conference, hang onto an injured Vick all year only to have him fail miserably at the end and cost them a shot at the title.  The usually solid Blind Squirrels are inconsistent all year & end up 7th overall.  As good as FuMunda Cheez was all year, last years Superbowl runner-ups gag at the end, losing four of their last five and drop to 6th.  Speaking of gags, let us not forget last years 3rd place team the High Tech Rednecks, who win their last two regular season games to make the playoffs then seemingly give up, dropping three straight & down to 8th overall.


The outlook for 2004 will feature a league program change – we’ll move to more online control for all teams in terms of lineups, scoring updates and perhaps even transactions.  Additionally we’ll scrap the awful, complicated “Soundoff” board from this year & go back to a simpler one.  Thanks to everyone for a great season and I hope to see you all again in August!




Superbowl/League Champ


Overall Worst Team in League


Superbowl Runner-Up


Second Worst Team in League


Point Total Champion

FuMunda Cheez (1937)

Least Points Scored

VEGA (1208)

Point Total second place

PRI (1731)

Second Least Points Scored

G-Men (1227)

Point Total third place

Pull My Finger (1691)

Third Least Points Scored

Cyclones (1239)

American Conference Champ

FuMunda Cheez

American Conference Cellar


National Conference Champ

Pull My Finger

National Conference Cellar


Federal Conference Champ

Painful Rectal Itches

Federal Conference Cellar


2nd Place & Wildcard Teams

Dukes, HTR, Venwaz, Blind Squirrels, Ruffy

Making our Draft Board in 2002


Top Power Ranking

FuMunda Cheez (130.0)

Worst Power Ranking

High Tech Rednecks

Top Efficiency Rating

PRI (87.9%)

Worst Efficiency Rating

VEGA (63.5%)

Most Victories

PRI (13)

Least Victories

G-Men (3)

Best Conference Record

High Tech Rednecks, PRI (5-1)

Worst Conference Record

Assholes, VEGA (1-5)

Best Interconference Record

FuMunda Cheez, PRI (6-1)

Worst Interconference Record

G-Men, High Tech Rednecks (1-6)

Best Conference overall

American Conference

Worst Conference overall

National Conference

Least Points Scored Against

PRI (1548)

Most Points Scored Against

High Tech Rednecks (1947)

Least Trades/Transactions

  High Tech Rednecks (10)

Most Trades/Transactions

Ruffy (27)

Most Improved from 2002


Biggest Nosedive from 2002



Blind Squirrels, Ruffy, Venwaz (0)


G-Men (4)