Rich Krautsack & Erik Spracklen
2002: 7-8, 9th place overall in league, #6 in total scoring, 4th place National conference (reg season).

Comment: Squirrels aren’t used to losing, especially not as bad as they did in 2002, but appear to be back in high-flying form in ’03.
Tom Rasnic & Alan Rasnic
2002: 4-11, LAST PLACE in league, total scoring, efficiency, power rankings, and American conference.

Comment:  Arguably one of the worst teams in league history in 2002 can only improve, but they’ll have their work cut out for ‘em in tough conference. 

Dan Heney & Marshall Buchanan
2002: 9-6, 2nd place overall in league, #2 in total scoring, Federal conference champs.

Comment: Last year was one of the best ever for this franchise…can they now take the next step?

John Miguel & Peter Gamoff
2002: 8-8, 8th place overall in league, #5 in total scoring, last place Federal conference.

Comment: Tough ’02 outing may be forgotten with fresh blood in the owners box…should help them get back to the playoffs.