Jeff Sneed & Kevin Fletcher
2002: LEAGUE CHAMPS, 10-6, #1 in total scoring, efficiency & power rankings.

Comment:  Second league championship (first in ’97) will be tough act to follow, but they always seem to be in contention come playoff time.

Russ Fyfe & Dave Bockman
2002: 8-8, 3rd place overall in league, #10 in total scoring, American conference champs.

Comment: Proved that if you’re in a “special ed” conference you don’t need to score much to succeed…but this year they’ll have to show up most weeks if they have playoff aspirations.

Dave Mansfield, Jon Halvoson, Steve Lemke
2002: 9-6, 5th place overall in league, #4 in total scoring, 2nd place Federal conference.

Comment: Banking on a strong second half with stud players currently injured…will it be too little too late?

Larry Rebodos & Brett Hellstrom
2002: 6-9, 11th place overall in league, #3 in total scoring, 3rd place American conference, Toilet Bowl champs.

Comment: #1 draft pick = high expectations for the only current SFFL team to never make the playoffs.