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Owners: Dave Halffield, Paul Pasternock
2001 Stats: 5-8, last place in National Conf, last place in point totals, last place in power rankings, 9th in efficiency. Awful. Missed playoffs.
2002 Outlook: After a miserable 2001, this is truly a team that has nowhere to go but up.  Unfortunately, the only "up" they may get is if they start poppin' the Viagra.  Even in this weak conference, they'll need more than Moss & Culpepper to avoid looking up at everyone else again for the third time in three years.



Owners: Tom Rasnic, Alan Rasnic, Steve Marzec
2001 Stats: 6-7, 3rd place in Federal Conf, 4th in point totals, 5th in power rankings, 11th in efficiency. Missed playoffs.
2002 Outlook:  New meat in the owners box, a couple strong RBs & WRs, good D and a drunk QB could have the Dukes surprising a few teams this year.  Thye're Possibly the second best team in this conference, but will that be good enough to get into the postseason?


High Tech Rednecks

Owners: Dave Bockman, Russell Fyfe
2001 Stats: 6-7, 3rd place in American Conf, 9th in point totals, 8th in power rankings, 2nd in efficiency.  Missed playoffs.  
2002 Outlook: Pretty balanced would appear they have the horses to make a run at the conference title, and being in this particular conference will certainly help those odds.  Perhaps this will be the year the 'Necks actually make it past the first round of the playoffs...



Owners: Brett Hellstrom, Larry Rebodos
2001 Stats:  6-7, 3rd place in National Conf, 11th in point totals, 10t in power rankings, 7th in efficiency.  Missed fact have never made playoffs in their SFFL history.
2002 Outlook: Oddly enough they're probably not as bad as initially believed after draft day.  However, that doesn't exactly mean they're a powerhouse either.  It will take some luck for them to finish much better than last season, and that means no playoffs...again.