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FuMunda Cheez
(formerly Cheesy-Poofs)

Owners: Dan Heney, Marshall Buchanan
2001 Stats: 4-10, last place in Federal Conf, 7th in point totals, 9th in power rankings, 10th in efficiency.  Toilet Bowl champs!
2002 Outlook: New name = new success?  Perhaps.  A good WR core, plus Ahman & Donovan may put some big points up.  May not be looking at a conference title, but should be much improved and may be a longshot for a playoff spot.



Owners: Peter Gamoff, Sujit Sheth
2001 Stats: 8-7, 2nd place in American Conf, 8th in point totals, 6th in power rankings, 3rd in efficiency.  Made playoffs for first time, lost in second round to Pull My Finger.
2002 Outlook: Last years surprise team may again surprise a few, but they may not have enough of the big guns to truly contend at the end.  Still, with a pretty good WR core the playoffs are quite possible, but but it won't be with help from the Polock kicker.


Pull My Finger

Owners: Jon Halvorsen, Steve Lemke, Dave Mansfield
2001 Stats: Superbowl runner-up.  12-3, first place in Federal Conf (best record in SFFL), 5th in point totals, first place in power rankings, 8th in efficiency.  Lost to VEGA in Superbowl.
2002 Outlook: Won't improve from '01, but then again they were 12-3.  Strong WRs and decent RBs should help them over their apparent QB woes...if so, they should be strong enough to steam towards another conference title.



Owners: Marc Butvalis, Justin Convey
2001 Stats: SUPERBOWL CHAMPS.  11-5, 2nd place in Federal Conf, 3rd in point totals, 3rd in power rankings, 5th in efficiency.  Third straight SFFL superbowl title.
2002 Outlook:  It's hard to bet against these guys, especially when they started out 1-4 in '01.  However, they have probably their weakest (draft) team in quite a while...and though Faulk can almost carry a team, they'll need quite a bit more to avoid an off-year.