Our Annual Year-End Wrapup Party
The YEAR-END WRAPUP PARTY is scheduled for Saturday, January 10th…this is the first round of the Divisional Playoffs so there will be two games that day.  As this is over six weeks notice, I ask that you mark your schedules NOW and keep that date open for the party.  In the event you currently know that you cannot make the party on this date, please let me know immediately.  As usual we would like everyone there as it’s a great time, but we definitely need at least one representative from each team to be in attendance so all debts and payouts can be settled. 


LINEUPS for Week #13
Beginning early morning on Thanksgiving day, the commish will be on vacation and unfortunately this year I won’t have access to e-mail or website updates from early Saturday AM until Monday afternoon.  Doesn’t that only figure it’s the last weekend of regular season games!  Anyway, here’s what we’re going to do:


November 17th
Guys, just one important reminder about some end-of season issues.  Point totals, efficiency ratings and power rankings all END as of Week #13.  This was done to eliminate many random, frivolous matchups in the postseason for eliminated teams just to keep the stats going.  It also makes the regular season a bit more meaningful as it rewards those who have done well...if you do well in the postseason you get rewards there too!

Apparently a few people were "confused" about this, which is sad being that it was discussed at the Think Tank AND the Draft.  Also, there was a handout that everyone received at the draft which showed the rule changes, which has also been online all season (links & more section).  These changes have also been reflected in the official 2003 official rules handbook.  If you're still confused, you're truly a dumbass who doesn't pay attention!


Lineup info that EVERYONE should know:

OK SFFL league, listen up: though most of you are in full understanding of the league policies, due to a recent issue I feel it necessary to clarify the policy regarding lineups. FINAL LINEUPS ARE DUE TO THE COMMISH NO LATER THAN 7:00 AM CST EVERY SUNDAY unless otherwise noted by ME (the commish). That does not mean 10:00 AM, nor does it mean 7:30 AM, it means 7:00 AM. If I do not have your lineups by this time, your prior weeks lineup (as complete as possible) will be used...and it doesn't matter if your entire lineup from the previous week is injured and/or on bye, or if you traded former starters away. This simple rule is something that was agreed upon by our entire league. Every team has at least one co-owner and nearly a full week to submit lineups, so there will NOT be any acceptable excuse you can possibly provide. I do not give a fat rats ass if you're out of town, if your computer blows up, or if your incessant masturbation to online bestiality pics causes your keyboard to get sticky and lock up. NO EXCUSES, NO LENIENCY. PERIOD. 

Again, be sure that you address all e-mails to SFFL1997@AOL.COM, and yes there has always been a link on the website with this correct address (see bottom of this page). Note that if you're on AOL you automatically get read receipts. However, if you do not feel confident about your e-mail deliveries, I will allow postings through the SOUNDOFF page in the new WEEKLY LINEUPS section (added in the next couple days). This allows you to post, view, and edit your lineups. I will check this on Sunday mornings along with the official league e-mail address for all submissions.

I trust this has been or is now perfectly clear to everyone...but if not please let me know so I can explain it in a less friendly manner. FYI, this entire message will also be posted in the SOUNDOFF section for future reference.


September 19th
The votes are in on the future of the website...
We had quite the close vote on the website options question - actually it was almost dead even across the board. However, with that in mind the majority DID want some relief from the ads (either Tripod Plus or the completely new site). Taking into account the costs in addition to the time we actually use the site, the TRIPOD PLUS option (#2) is what we'll do. Basically this means everything remains the same with the exception that there will be no more popups or banner ads placed on our pages. This also means there is no additional work that the commish has to do!

The plan for now is that at the end of the season I'll cancel the "Plus" portion, and when the 2004 season approaches we'll start it up again. This will keep the funding to a minimum, which means more $$ for the year-end payouts to the winners. Thanks to everyone for your input, and I hope you enjoy our upcoming ad-free page!


September 12th
The following is the same message that was sent out via e-mail...please read & vote ASAP.  Thanks!

Though you'd think we'd all be used to it by now, you may have noticed the INCREASING amount "in your face" popups and the extra embedded ads/links right on the pages of our SFFL site...these "enhancements" are the doings of the free web hosting company, Tripod.  Obviously while offering free hosting hey're trying to make money with ads AND to move people to their pay service.  Though it's annoying you can't really fault them for it. 
ANYWAY, we do have some options, so when you get the chance please reply back via e-mail with what you'd like to do:
1) Leave it as-is and just deal with the extra popups/ads.  No additional monetary cost to the league.
2) Move to "Tripod Plus", which basically eliminates all the popups/ads & our league URL address would remain the same.  Cost is by the month @ $4.95 per month, plus a (ridiculous) $10 setup fee.  If we ran the pay service for 6 months (then converted back to "free" for the off season), the cost would be $39.70 which I would take out of the league funds before payouts (like I do with the FLM program).
3) Move to a different hosting service, which would include our own permanent URL (i.e., www.sffleague.com since "sffl" is taken) and other nice enhancements, including e-mail confirmations, message boards, etc.  Subscription would be about the same as the Tripod Plus option but we'd have to buy it by the YEAR ($79.95).  Funding would be the same process as #2.
**Note that options 2 & 3 will not eliminate the assault of popups you get at the SOUNDOFF boards...the only way around this is to "donate" $6.99 per month to hyperboards.com, which definitely isn't worth it.  However, option 3 does offer a very similar discussion forum but without the ads.
To be completely honest I am OK with any of the options, but if asked to vote I would choose option #3; I have experience with both and overall it is a better service AND deal than Tripod.  One vote per team, and I'd like to have all replies back by Monday...that way if we decide to upgrade it can be in effect before week #3!  Feel free to include your vote with your lineup submissions (if you haven't sent them in already).
Thanks for your help, and good luck this weekend.
"The Commish"


August 27th
A few more things:  the DRAFT results are now available through the Links & More page, along with the final version of the 2003 rules (including printable versions in Acrobat format).  There's still some work to do on the team/owner information page but I should have it done next week hopefully before the season starts.  Also, the SOUNDOFF board is ready...quite a bit different than previous seasons as it's hosted through hyperboards.com.  You will need to register (painless & quick) to post in most of the sections, but that's good as you can see who else is online too!  We'll give it a try & see how it works!

By the way, don't forget about the 15th round player (or rookie player) starters for Week #1.  Though it's not mandatory to participate, it IS a mandatory $10 per team...so your choice but it costs you either way. 

This is my last posting until after the holiday weekend, so I hope everyone has a great & safe Labor Day weekend.  Get ready for some football, as SPLINTERS will be rocking on Sunday September 7th!


August 26th
Thought I'd pass along a few notes...basically the same thing that went out via e-mail this evening (8/26):


August 24th
OK folks, all the players have been added into the database & you can now see the full ROSTERS for every team by clicking on the link to the left.  I checked over them and it appears everything is correct, but if you spot an error let me know ASAP.

The following is interesting - I reran the 2002 player stats for our current 2003 season so that everyone could get an idea of the strength of the draft.  NOW, keep in mind that this doesn't take into account any rookie picks this year (they get a 0), and is based on last years totals which included injuries, etc.  It also doesn't take into account players injured now that contributed greatly last season (let's use Vick as a shining example).  SO, obviously this isn't a perfect system but fun to view.  Total points by player were added together, team averages/game were also added together, then an eight player average was used to come up with the PPG total:

Team Conf Total Pts Team Avg/G 8 Player PPG
Pull My Finger N 4127 268.53 143.2
Dukes A 3714 240.53 128.3
High Tech Rednecks N 3459 237.94 126.9
Painful Rectal Itches F 3486 235.50 125.6
G-Men A 3310 218.38 116.5
Ruffy N 3465 218.21 116.4
Assholes N 3251 216.60 115.5
Blind Squirrels A 3302 212.17 113.2
Venwaz F 3041 207.93 110.9
FuMunda Cheez A 3049 200.13 106.7
VEGA F 3001 192.11 102.5
Cyclones F 2880 187.68 100.1


August 23rd
The DRAFT (Friday evening, August 22nd) was another success as each team walked away griping about their picks!  THANK YOU to everyone for showing up and making it fun. Below are the conferences, and you can get the schedules for the year by clicking on the active link to the left.  Team info will be added soon...it just takes a bit of time with 180 drafted players!

The rule book is pretty much final with the "draft player +1 roster limit" we voted on before the draft started...I'll get that added ASAP.

American Conference
Blind Squirrels
FuMunda Cheez

National Conference
High Tech Rednecks
Pull My Finger

Federal Conference
Painful Rectal Itches

WEEK #1 Schedule:
Painful Rectal Itches at High Tech Rednecks
Venwaz at Assholes
VEGA at Dukes
Cyclones at G-Men
Ruffy at FuMunda Cheez
Pull My Finger at Blind Squirrels


August 14th
Getting a "new" team for our league was extremely quick...I immediately had a couple owners contact me with people who would have been great fits in our league.  However, the G-Men have returned with a new co-owner, John Miguel, who has been interested in getting into our league for several years.  He also used to work with Peter Gamoff and talked him into being his partner...so in reality the G-Men never really left, just greatly upgraded their ownership ranks.  Guess we'll have to see how it pans out over the season.  Anyway, WELCOME JOHN...and Dave & Steve, thanks for the referrals.  If any other positions open up in 2004 I'll definitely keep them in mind.

The 2003 DRAFT will again be at Palatine Hills Golf Course on Friday, August 22nd, starting at approximately 7:00 PM…we will get to use the LARGE main room again, but depending on the weather it might not be until about 8:00 PM (the actual golfers get first dibs at the main room until "closing", which is about 8:00)..  More details on that as it gets closer to the time.  We’re thinking about ordering pizzas again & just having everyone chip in for the total bill at the end of the evening.

Steve Lemke & some guys are getting together to golf on Friday afternoon.  I've been told there are about three foursomes already!  The commish is not golfing, so if you're interested contact Steve.

More news - the OFFICIAL CHANGES to the 2003 league are now available for your viewing pleasure.  There are several, but ones of note would include some scoring changes (QBs, WRs, Ks), an additional trade date, and a new playoff format.  There will also be one potential change that will be put up to vote before the draft.  Please review these BEFORE the draft day so you are aware of the adjustments.

The DRAFT copy of the SFFL rules are now available; the final copy will be posted after the draft.  This does incorporate all the "official" changes that are mentioned above.


August 14th

A bunch of things to report - first of all the OFFICIAL CHANGES to the 2003 league are now available for your viewing pleasure.  There are several, but ones of note would include some scoring changes (QBs, WRs, Ks), an additional trade date, and a new playoff format.  There will also be one potential change that will be put up to vote before the draft.  Please review these BEFORE the draft day so you are aware of the adjustments.

The DRAFT copy of the SFFL rules are now available; the final copy will be posted after the draft.  This does incorporate all the "official" changes that are mentioned above.

FINALLY, and perhaps more important, it appears we have an opening for a new team this year.  Following is the e-mail that I sent out to the league this evening.  Please help! 

SFFL Owners – the G-Men have requested an indefinite leave of absence from our league, so it appears we now have an opening for one new franchise to take their spot.  I would like to have this team added to our league by the end of this week and need your help.  If you know of anyone who may be interested, please e-mail me with their info by Friday if possible.  You should also pass on the following info:

 It is important that any prospective team understands and agrees to the following:

Additionally, and probably most important: We have all been a very trustworthy group of guys in terms of participation and settling up the tabs at the year-end party, so I would expect our new team owners to be the same.  However, if necessary I will hold the referring owner(s) responsible for any [monetary] problems that could harm the league if the new team does not act in accordance to our standards…SO, if you are unsure about the reliability of a friend/acquaintance, it may be best not to extend an invite to join this league.

Please note that all new member requests will be given fair consideration.  I do currently have someone in mind who would be a great fit in our league and has been waiting several years to join, but at this time I am not certain if he’ll be able to do it.   

We’ll hopefully make a final decision by this weekend, so please let me know who’s interested.  THANKS!

 “the commish”


August 10th

The Think Tank on Saturday August 9th had representatives from five teams; draft orders were chosen and painfully long discussions on rule additions then took over.  Regarding the rules results, those will be posted within the next day or so.  As for the DRAFT, as usual the names were randomly selected with "chances" for the top pick equal to that teams finish in 2002 (i.e., Dukes = 12 chances, Assholes = 1 chance).  Following is the draft order will be used on Friday, August 22nd.:

1. Ruffy
2. Cyclones
3. Pull My Finger
4. Dukes
5. Venwaz
6. Blind Squirrels
7. G-Men
9. High Tech Rednecks
10. FuMunda Cheez
11. Painful Rectal Itches
12. Assholes


July 30, 2003

I hope everyone has had an enjoyable summer, as football season is only a few weeks away.  Wow how time flies…seems like it was just yesterday that the Assholes rode their unwanted keeper pick to the 2002 SFFL championship.  As you can see the site looks quite similar – if not identical - to last year’s model.  This general look & setup seemed to work well last season, so if it ain’t broke don’t fix it!  Right now the only active links now are the NFL Schedule and the Links & More (which primarily includes past site links, including the one for 2002).  I’ll have the SOUNDOFF section up soon, and will play around with some other features to make the site more interactive.

 Anyway, the Think Tank is coming up on August 9th (4:00 PM @ Splinters), where we will pick the draft order, discuss possible rule changes and drink heavily.  Additionally, The 2003 DRAFT will again be at Palatine Hills Golf Course on Friday, August 22nd, starting at approximately 7:00 PM…we will get to use the LARGE main room again, but depending on the weather it might not be until about 8:00 PM.  More details on that as it gets closer to the time.  We’re thinking about ordering pizzas again & just having everyone chip in for the total bill at the end of the evening.

 RULES, RULES, RULES…folks, I need some help regarding rule amendments, additions or deletions.  We have ruled against keeper players, but what else would we like for this coming year?  My agenda doesn’t really include much right now, just the ongoing issue regarding a better transaction (roll-off) process and perhaps some lineup/scoring tweaks.  Bring your ideas to the Think Tank, or if you can’t make it please e-mail me at sffl1997@aol.com.  If it helps, you may want to take a look at the rules from last year – click here for the html file. 

 In closing, the DUKES are in charge of completing the draft board, so this is another reminder to them about this all-important job.  In return for their efforts of finishing last, they’ll have the most chances to earn the top draft spot.  Here’s the final team order at the end of last season:

Final 2002 League Standings:

1 Assholes (10-6)
2 FuMunda Cheez (9-6)
3 High Tech Rednecks (9-7)
4 Painful Rectal Itches (8-8)
5 Pull My Finger (9-6)
6 VEGA (7-8)
7 Cyclones (8-7)
8 G-Men (8-8)
9 Blind Squirrels (7-8)
10 Venwaz (7-8)
11 Ruffy (6-9)
12 Dukes (4-11)


Good to Know:

Want to avoid utter embarrassment at our draft?  Not interested in being pelted with cans & garbage?  Though some of you can't seem to ever avoid it, here's something that will help lessen the impact.  The following players have retired, been cut or changed their team during the offseason. These are not all the players changing in the NFL, only the most notable that had at least some fantasy value as of last year.  This list was updated as of July 27th:

Changing Teams

Old Quarterbacks New   Old Tight Ends New
ARI Jake Plummer DEN   ATL Reggie Kelly CIN
BAL Jeff Blake ARI   BUF Jay Riemersma PIT
CHI Jim Miller TB   MIA Desmond Clark CHI
CIN Gus Frerotte MIN   MIA Jed Weaver SF
CIN Akili Smith GB   NE Cam Cleeland STL
DEN Brian Griese MIA   NYG Dan Campbell DAL
MIN Todd Bouman NO   PIT Marco Battaglia MIA
NO Jake Delhomme CAR   STL Ernie Conwell NO
PIT Kordell Stewart CHI  
TB Rob Johnson WAS   Old Wide Receivers New
MIA Shane Matthews CIN   ARI Martay Jenkins ATL
  ARI Frank Sanders BAL
Old Runningbacks New   ARI David Boston SD
ARI Thomas Jones TB   ATL Shawn Jefferson DET
BUF Shawn Bryson DET   BAL Brandon Stokley IND
BUF Larry Centers NE   BUF Peerless Price ATL
CAR Lamar Smith GB   CHI Marcus Robinson BAL
CIN Nicholas Luchey GB   DET Larry Foster ARI
DAL Emmitt Smith ARZ   DET Jacquez Green TB
DEN Olandis Gary BUF   GB Terry Glenn DAL
DET Aveion Cason DAL   HOU Jermaine Lewis DET
IND James Finn NYG   MIA Dedric Ward NE
JAC Stacey Mack HOU   JAC Bobby Shaw BUF
MIN Harold Morrow BAL   JAC Pat Johnson WAS
NYJ Richie Anderson DAL   NE Donald Hayes JAC
NYG Sean Bennett NYJ   NYJ Lavernues Coles WAS
NYJ Chad Morton WAS   OAK James Jett BUF
PHI Dorsey Levens NYG   SD Curtis Conway NYJ
PHI Cecil Martin OAK   STL Ricky Proehl CAR
OAK Jon Ritchie PHI   STL Terrence Wilkins CAR
OAK Terry Kirby TB   SF J.J. Stokes JAC
SD Ronney Jenkins OAK   TEN Kevin Dyson CAR
STL C. Hetherington OAK   TB Marquise Walker ARI
STL Trung Canidate WAS   WAS Derrius Thompson MIA
WAS Stephen Davis CAR  

Cut or Retired

Pos Team Player
QB MIA Ray Lucas
QB TEN Neil O'Donnell
RB BUF Larry Centers*
RB ATL Bob Christian
RB SD Terrell Fletcher
WR DAL Raghib Ismail
WR DET Germane Crowell
WR DET Desmond Howard
WR IND Qadry Ismail
WR STL Terrence Wilkins
TE HOU Rod Rutledge
TE CAR Wesley Walls

*Rumor has it that Larry Centers has been picked up by New England.  Just thought the HT Rednecks would be interested...