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  Sunday, January 25, 2004 08:50 AM 

This is likely the official "last update" of our 2004 season. 
I've added in just a few pictures from the year-end party and will save the others for future league postings!  The address for the new site will remain the same,

I also wanted to pass on a sincere THANK YOU to the entire league for another excellent year, and a very fun time at the year-end party on January 10th.  A few teams did kick in extra $$ for the party...both PRI and FuMunda Cheez tossed in $100 each, and VEGA showing no hard feeling contributed $1.  Also, Erik (Blind Squirrels) gave $100 towards the second bill from later that evening.  

You're a great group of guys, and it has been my pleasure to handle the commish duties for these past seven years.  There will be some exciting changes to the league for the upcoming season, primarily the program we use for tracking and will be more online and give each owner more flexibility.  More later this summer.  Take care 'till August!

I will never like the Packers, but it's this type of thing that helps me appreciate their fans!

The 2004 Winners Circle:

Click Here for the Year-End Writeup
Final stats, etc. available on the links to the left.

SFFL 2003 League Champion:


SFFL 2003 Toilet Bowl Winner:


SFFL 2003 Jobu Award Winner
for the "unluckiest" team in the league (giving up the most points)

High Tech Rednecks

Click Here for the Final Standings and other accolades

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Final Cash Breakdowns...
Split evenly, with six teams walking away with cash and six having to shell out some bucks.  Everything here is included except for any side bet action.  A lot more parity then in the past, which is a good thing...but I'd like to extend a special congrats to the G-Men and High Tech Rednecks for topping the $300 mark in money owed!  The full breakdown was handed out at the party, but click here if you'd like a pdf version (requires Acrobat reader).

Team Name TOTALS
Assholes -$106.50
Blind Squirrels -$151.40
Cyclones -$273.25
Dukes $240.29
FuMunda Cheez $816.06
G-Men -$343.00
High Tech Rednecks -$307.57
Painful Rectal Itches* $892.69
Pull My Finger $312.01
Ruffy $546.75
VEGA -$200.50
Venwaz $74.43

*Totals for PRI include administrative costs for FLM program and web hosting ($74.75 total)

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